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President's Message

Now that spring semester 2015 is over, I hope you are allowing yourself some downtime in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for an update on ACHA's Meeting in Orlando. We are proud that NECHA's own Gerri Taylor (Bentley) was the 2016 Program Planning Committee Chair. No doubt, the Meeting benefited from her expertise!

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NYSCHA | NECHA 2015 Combined Meeting

Keynote Speaker: Amelia Arria, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Behavioral and Community Health, University of Maryland.

Dr. Arria is currently involved in several efforts to translate research findings for practical purposes by parents and policy makers. These efforts include a leadership role in the Maryland Collaborative to Reduce College Drinking and Related Problems.

Join us!

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July 23 - Current Position Openings: [click here]

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Key dates and notes:
-September 1: NECHA Awards Nominations Extended Deadline
-October 28-30: NYSCHA | NECHA 2015 Combined Annual Meeting

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ACHA 2015
May 26-30

ACHA 2015 took place Tuesday, May 26- Saturday, May 30, at the beautiful World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida.

ACHA Award Recipients includes Tufts University's Ariel Wattriss, AANP, NCC. Ariel was recently selected as the 2015 New England recipient of ACHA's New Professional Award. Congratulations go out to Ariel! Stay tuned for more updates on the Meeting!

Quote from a NECHA 2014 attendees: "I enjoyed being able to learn information, and hear perspectives, from all different types of professionals. Working primarily in health promotion, I was able to learn a lot from the medical and clinical staff." "Just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed our wonderful 2014 Annual Meeting: Making Waves in College Health. I can see how much work was put into it, and thank you very much for everything. The networking and the diverse learning experiences were phenomenal! This was my first NECHA Meeting and I was quite impressed."