NECHA 2014 Grant Information

11/18/2014: Opportunity to apply for the NECHA 2015 will begin just after the first of the year. Stay tuned!

Two NECHA Grant Recipients Awarded in 2014

Congratulations to Kim Daly, SHS Associate Director at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts
Spread Love not Warts: An HPV Vaccination Program

Congratulations to John Wong, NP, Associate Medical Director at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts
Ready to Quit! Marketing Campaign: Using Student Ambassadors to Encourage More Students on Campus to Stop Smoking

Kudos to Kim and John for their outstanding grant proposals to further the field of college health and improve the health of their students.
We thank all of our colleagues who submitted proposals this year for their dedication to college health.

Two institutions, Framingham State College  and Providence College, were awarded grants in 2013. They presented their projects at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Bridge to Health: Practical Support for Students with Mental Health and Health Symptoms to Increase Physical Activity and Exercise

Submitted by Paul Welch, LICSW; Jeanne Haley, LICSW; Ilene Hofrenning, ANP, MSN

The “Get More Sleep!” Campaign: A Campus Wide Intervention to Change the Sleeping Habits of College Students

Caroline Y. Boyle, BA; Suzanne Bornschein, MD