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Enter a Call for Proposals Today!

Share your college health expertise with colleagues and respond to the Call for Proposals today!

The Call for Proposals for the New England College Health Association’s 2017 Annual Meeting is NOW OPEN! Please read through the instructions below and submit all required documents by Thursday, March 2.

To respond to the Call, begin by downloading the MS Word worksheet(s) below. When your worksheet(s) and co-presenter forms (if applicable) are complete, you’ll then be ready to cut and paste into the online submission.

Call For Proposal Worksheet
CoPresenter Form

Once your Worksheet is complete and your Co-Presenter forms are gathered, you are ready to submit your proposal online.

To do so, click: SUBMISSION


  • Required fields are indicated by a “*”.
  • For guidance on writing behavioral objectives, click here.
  • For each co-presenter, complete a separate Co-Presenter Form and save each under a file name beginning with the given person’s LAST name.
  • At the end of the online submission, you will be prompted to attach your Worksheet as well as all Co-Presenter forms.


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